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Magdalene with Norie's SushiMagdalene owns and operates a small catering company, for 2-100 people, where she is delighted to serve up colorful, fresh, healthy, and wildly delicious food that fetches rave reviews whenever she serves it. Magdalene has worked as the head caterer at Sleeping Dog Farm and Retreat center in Victoria for the last 3 years where her amazing food brings many people back to the center. The focus of the catering business is to provide healthy, delicious, and accessible food that is inspired by local and seasonal ingredients, and influenced by many world cuisines. As a Registered  Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and farmer, the meals she create are nourishing, balanced, and visually delightful, and take in to consideration peoples individual dietary needs like gluten-free, paleo,vegan ect.
She has catered for a wide-range of groups such as non-governmental organizations, community and environmental groups, yoga and dance workshops, and  the arts. Magdalene is also available to do Wedding Catering for up to 200 guests.
Please contact Magdalene at for more info about availability, rates, and sample menu’s, or for a free-estimate to have your event catered.


More about Magdalene Joly Magdalene is interested in all aspects of food; growing a wide-assortment of vegetables and storage crops, harvesting wild foods and medicines, fermenting, baking bread, canning, dairying, whole-food omnivorous nutrition and of course preparing and eating delicious seasonal meals with loved ones. She currently works as Head Caterer at Sleeping Dog Farm and Retreat Center in Victoria, B.C., creating seasonal and delicious farm-based fair.  She is a Certified Herbalist and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. In her past lives she has been a musician, dancer, community organizer, and goat herder. Her aspirations include growing and producing 90 % of the food her family consumes, creating a permaculture food forest and nourishing lunch program at her sons school, weaving more baskets, working as a herbalist and nutritionist  in an accessible community-based integrated medicine clinic, going on  wildcrafting/food gathering trips, and hosting locavore Sunday breakfasts and secret dinners at the farm.