Artisan Bread for Sale

Warm Bread cooling in the sun on market day

Most Saturdays you can find me selling bread at the Old School on Denman Island. My bread is handmixed, slow-rise or sourdough leavened, made with organic flour, and baked in a wood fired or propane oven .Each week i typically make 2-3 kinds; Moroccan Olive and Rosemary, Sunflower, flax, and sesame, Cranberry or Raison and Walnut, and Sourdough White.

Seedy Saturday on Denman this past weekend found me selling a Light Rye with Local roasted hazelnuts and cranberries. The bread featured rye grown here at TreeEater farm, which was harvested with a scythe, threshed by hand (or foot i should say) in a threshing box made by Peter, and was freshly ground by me for baking.


Candied Orange Peel, Cranberry, and Walnut breads for sale at the Denman Christmas craft faire

The addition of roasted hazelnuts was truly a labour of love, starting with the sailboat journey to comox  to gather them(our trees are not yet mature), and ending with the time-consuming yet enjoyable task of shelling them(back of the hatchet).