We won’t be offering Food Boxes/Memberships for 2016


Welcome to the 2015 TreeEater Farm Food Membership

Summer turnips and nasturtiums

 Become a TreeEater Farm Food member to receive a bountiful box of Denman Island grown organic produce weekly from May-November.

 Becoming a member of our farm will give you access to a very wide variety of the most-local foods, both fresh and value added products. We are offering a CSA type program that offers a weekly box of fresh organic seasonal produce, fruit and nuts from our orchards (which contains dozens of kinds of trees), organic free-range eggs, organic breads, canning and preserves, lacto-fermented vegetables, and many other seasonal foods. Our program runs for 23 weeks from mid- May until the end of October.


all-of-fall2013-219-1 (1)

$28 box with freshly baked organic multi-grain bread (still warm) and eggs

 “Magdalene put so much care into what she offered each week that receiving my basket from her garden and kitchen was like receiving a gift. I especially loved having a bouquet of herbs most weeks to use when cooking my delicious fresh vegetables. I opted to have Magdalene’s bread as well and that was always delicious. And that was her first year! I recommend this CSA without reservation!” 

-Barbara Kane

We participated in the CSA box program last summer and were delighted with it.  It was convenient:  fewer costly and energy-draining shopping trips into town.   Each basket of fresh, organic produce was a surprise:  among the familiar vegetables there was often something we had  never tried before and might never have sampled if we had simply seen it on a supermarket shelf.   Aside from the consistently high quality of the produce received, it felt good to buy from people we knew.  It was, in a way, an investment in a part of our community that we value and want to see maintained.  We are very conscious of the impact our choices have on the wider world (our “carbon footprint”) and this is a choice that we feel good about.

                                                                                                                            -Shauna and Simon


Our TreeEater Farm Food membership program is for those interested in eating an adventurous local food diet but who may not have the time or aspiration to grow and make it all themselves. We invite you to participate in the delicious experience of eating sensuously through the seasons, enjoying the freshness and vibrancy of our produce, while experimenting with new kinds of food.


“Joanne and I loved receiving our weekly box of food from TreeEater last summer. We have tried growing more of our own food in the past, but with precious little extra water and less time to play in the soil due to work demands, the CSA program offered by Magdalene and Peter fit our needs really well. A few food items took us by surprise, but that just meant asking Google, or scanning Mag’s info piece on “whats in the box, and what can you do with it”, emailed to us to give us some ideas. Loved the Peruvian Potatoes! We enjoyed having these surprises, which, due to purchasing habits, we might never given a chance.

Rose petals add zest, flavor, and an additional sparkle to our salad mix.

Rose petals add zest, flavor, and an additional sparkle to our salad mix.

We have signed up again for 2014 and look forward to eating healthy foods grown on our island. ” David Graham



The cost for the season, which runs for 24 weeks is  from the end of May until the end of October is:

$768 dollars for a full share.    This works out to an average value of $32 each week

$ 400 for a half share (you receive a box every other week, 12 in total)

The full share includes 7-9 produce items per week

Please add on $3.50 per week for delivery. This is $84 for the full share, or $42 for the half-share

Bread is $5.50 a loaf. If you would like it added in to every box please indicate this on your sign-up sheet.

Payment options

  • Please make cheques payable to Magdalene Joly
  • All funds are to be paid by April 15th, unless other arrangements are made.
  • Payment is encouraged in one lump sum at the beginning of the growing season, however if this is not accessible to you, you may pay in 4 post-dated cheques.
  • Please send cheques to 2000 N.Central Rd Denamn BC VoR 1T0
  • If you are unable to pay  by cheque,  cash is ok. Please speak to me to make arrangements for this.


Swapping Items

The boxes will give you an opportunity to try new veggies like Jerusalem artichokes and turnips, and value added products like kimchee and nettle pesto.

Opportunity to expand ones taste buds and likes and dislikes is a part of eating locally with what the land and seasons provide.

may garden 2013 014

A variety of salad greens growing happily nestled in a bed toghther

That said if there are things you really don’t like you are able to choose up to 2 substitutions. For example, some people don’t eat members of the Solancea family (tomatoes, potatoes, ect) and they would be able to sub out those things for other choices i.e. cucumbers instead of tomatoes, Jerusalem artichokes instead of potatoes, and summer squash instead of peppers.

This would be done on the membership sign up forum and set as a standing order for the duration of your membership, unless updated.

Holidays and Postponement

Everyone needs a holiday! Members can postpone up to 2  boxes. This means that if you want to go away you can arrange to make up your food box when you return 1.e. collect 2 boxes at once. You must give me at least 1 weeks notice if you would like to postpone your food box. Other options for holidays  are to gift your weekly box to a friend or neighbor, or have it donated to the food bank.

 Member Responsibilities  

  • To pay the share cost on time.
  • To put out your last weeks box  for me to pick up when i deliver
  • To give at least 1 week notice if you would like to postpone picking up your box
  • To make arrangements if you will be going away

 Farmers Commitment

  • To grow and harvest the most nutrient dense food possible on our customers behalf. We are 2 years into the process of soil testing and mineralizaing our soils based on the results. This means that not only is the produce you receive organically grown, but that it is abundantly nutritious.
  • To supply you with 24 weeks worth of local organic food
  • To maintain high standard around freshness, quality, and deliciousness of our products

To sign up

mag and giant beet

Market gardener Magdalene

To get started and sign up for the food membership please email treeeaterfarmandnursery@gmail.com and i will send you a form.