Fuzzy Kiwi.  Actinidia deliciosa. var. various, both Female and Male


Fuzzy kiwis are funny. Once they’re established you’re laughing and you’re laughing while you’re rolling in ridiculous amounts of fruit that keep all winter….But, but there are a few details to meet to get you there. 1) young vines don’t like cold and wet conditions. 2) You need both a male and a female plant and the majority of people i talk to only have one or the other. 3) They take a long time to start producing fruit (up to 6-7 years to be totally honest.) But don’t let any of this stop you! 300 lbs of fruit per female plant is reported.

The books say that both males (fuzzy and hardy) can pollinate either type of female and my personal experience hand-pollinating here has confirmed this. Also, ISSAI kiwis (at least the ones that i have) are actually SELF-FERTILE. It could be that other people are selling non-self-fertile Issai elsewhere because there’s been a lot of buzz around this. How do i know that female hardy kiwis can be pollinated by male fuzzy kiwis and that issai’s are self-fertile? Because for several years i had no flowering male hardy kiwis here. I  hand pollinated hardy female kiwis with Fuzzy male kiwi pollen from several kms away.I did not hand pollinate the Issai and it produced anyways (not heavily though).


Female Fuzzy Kiwi Flower








Hardy Kiwi.  Actinidia arguta. var. Issai and ANNA,  female and male

I love hardy kiwis. They are so good!

Similar scene to the previous entry on fuzzy kiwis. They need a bit of extra cold protection in their first few years, a sturdy structure to climb, some persistent pruning in order to be kept in line, and an appropriate pollinator. If you can provide these needs you’ll (hopefully) be rewarded with very large volumes of extremely nutrient dense fruit that is absolutely fantastic. Hardy kiwis’  are smaller, smoothed skin and often unusual colours. You eat them whole, like grapes.

This year we’re also stocking the Arctic Kiwi, which reputably will ripen fruit in full shade…the north wall of a house maybe? on a trellis over the back deck to hang out in during the heat of the summer?

Female Flower


Issai Fruit. Partially Self-fertile


Anna Fruit. The Sweetest Type so Far



Grapes. Vitus spp. Black Glenora, Himrod, Concord, Pink Table.

Grapes need a lot of sun and heat to sweeten properly. There are some varieties that do well outside (himrod, concord, thompson) and many that aren’t worth planting unless they can be ripened under glass. Choose variety and location carefully.