Jubilee Rosa Rugosa

An vigorous locally adapted rose bush bred for large nutritious rose hips. They can be eaten out of hand but are best dried and used for tea. The hips contain an extremely large amount of vitamin C. Jubilee also boasts long harvests of very large pink blossoms that are great in salad. Good for hedging and thickets readily after a few years of growth



Logan Berry Tay Berry and Marion Berry


Our new favorites for 2013. Amazing productivity and floral fruity bouquets. Plant them in and around your fruit trees/orchard for that wild-space-efficient-mark-shepard-vibe!





Currant. Ribes spp. var. Black, Red and white

Currants don’t need much space or care and produce huge amounts of really flavor-full fruit if you can keep the robins off of them. Watch out for the red currant maggot!




Elderberry.  Sambucus spp.  var. York, Nova, Korsor and Honey Dew Golden

Big producers in our region once they’re established. You need more than 1 variety for pollination.

Goji Berry (aka Wolfberry) – Geoff Johnsons’ “Spring Ridge” variety now available.

Goji berry grows quite well in victoria and port alberni but doesn’t like the cold wet winters on Denman Island. Give them a try provided you can give them a warmer dryer home. Sprawling growth habit needs some physical support

Gooseberry. var Invicta, Jahns Prairie







Goumi. Elaeagnus multiflora.

Goumi is the Autumn Olive’s little sister: A bush-form elaeagnus with top quality fruit that ripens early.We have cultivars and seedlings. I usually offer a few named cultivars and lots of select seedlings that will offer some variation, mostly in terms of fruiting time. With enough eleagnus plants around one can have berries for a good part of the growing season. Largest and sweetest fruit from “Monez” sometimes called “Azores”. The american cultivars “Sweet scarlet” and “Red gen” decent but not as good.

The select seedlings have demonstrated great germination and growth rate. Never purchase dried eleagnus seeds. Email me for fresh seed. 99% germination rate.










Seabuckthorn/Seaberry.  Hippophae rhamnoides. var. various German and Russian.

If you like weird tangy berries with miracle health claims this plant could be for you. My intuition was that the coast is a little more wet than was ideal for seabucks.  Many years later my observation is that the plants located in wetter lower areas are actually doing better. In fact, all successful seabuck trees that i’ve seen in the area have been planted in heavy clay. go figure the books aren’t always correct: ” the map is not the territory”  I’ll put some photos of their fruit up sometime.  Honestly seabuck is on my b-list at this point -but, all locations are different!