Remineralization, Effective microorganisms, and Tall Pots.

April 2019.

All of the plants being sold from the farm are now up to speed with highly mineralized and fertilized soil mix that has been inoculated with aerobic effective microorganisms (EM). Its kind of expensive but fairly easy to do. The results seem to be somewhat difficult to measure. But, when it comes to trees, time will tell! So far this year the chestnut seedlings seem to be off to a roaring start with a growth rate and leaf size that i haven’t seen before.

The other new practice in the nursery this year is the use of “stuewe and sons” tree pots for all the tap-rooted species. These pots are 10-12″ tall compared to the usual 6-8″ tall pots. My observations thus far is that the extra root space translates to happier and taller trees when those trees are tap-rooted: mostly nut trees but also other species grown from seed such as c. trifoliata and paw paw.


2015 will be our first season offering Fresh Tree Seed!

When i first started out i bought a lot of different tree seeds and most had dismal germination rates because they were dried out and dead. Now that we have loads of fresh fruit and seed I’ve seen first-hand what a difference fresh seed makes to germination rates – approaching 100% germination within only a few months. Sometimes, they actually sprout the  fall that they are sown.
The “clonal-minded” may turn their noses up at sexual reproduction in fruiting plants -dismissing seedling variability in fruit quality and phenotype. But! Remember, evolution happens and cloned cultivars aren’t keeping up with it! Diversity and selection from diversity are the key to long-term species success -and fruit quality variability is highly overstated.
Everyone has been told the thing about “don’t ever bother planting an apple seed because you won’t get a decent fruit…” usually followed by some statistic about “only 1 in 1000 or 1 in 10,000 apple seedlings have decent fruit”.  Well, the first apple seedling i let grow to maturity (un-pruned no less) is now about 8 years old. It bore fruit last year and guess what? it was really good. Early and looking like a Transparent, but smaller, with a red blush and with more zesty interesting flavor. So, did i just happen to luck out and roll 1 in 1000? I doubt it.
I’m predicting surplus quantities of Autumn Olive, Caragana, Cornelian Cherry, Goumi, Prunus (various), Rosa Rugosa, Seabuckthorn, and Sweet Chestnut. Prices to be determined, but surely reasonable. And shipped right off the plant!


We are the best source in the Vancouver Island region for perennial tree crops, the species that we need for broad-scale Restoration Agriculture planting!


Happy chickens in the orchard

Happy chickens under the Mulberry Tree



About Us:

We are a small mixed permaculturally-oriented homestead farm situated on 40 acres. We started working on this land to develop a small education center. In the meantime its all about skills and infrastructure development. Our current activities consist of enlarging a medium-sized annuals garden, growing a large assortment of perennial and annual vegetables and storage crops, maintaining a mixed orchard (of over 160 varieties of fruits/nuts/berries) and its duck and goose associates, managing an edibles nursery, on-site saw-milling and building farm infrastructure, and various other things like making herbal medicine and creating delicious seasonal farm-based foods.

good magOur dream is a community of happy people working together side by side to produce vibrant fresh foods, 100 mile textiles, self-sufficient medicines, solid structures of wood and earth and inspiration for others to work away from the global-corporate-capital-government apparatus. We value doing-it-yourself, developing local responsibility and working hard towards idealistic ideas. We are inspired by people who stay put and work to produce not only what they consume but also what the community needs to thrive.

We have offered and run small seasonal education programs for the past several years We aim to have more comprehensive educational programming running by 2015 pending the completion of the major farm infrastructure. Past programs that we have offered include skill development in such topics as fruit tree pruning and propagation, maple syrup production, poultry processing and cedar hat weaving.

About Magdalene Joly

Magdalene is interested in all aspects of food; growing a wide-assortment of vegetables and storage crops, harvesting wild foods and medicines, fermenting, baking bread, canning, dairying, whole-food omnivorous nutrition and of course preparing and eating delicious seasonal meals with loved ones. She currently works as Head Caterer at Sleeping Dog Farm and Retreat Center in Victoria, B.C., creating seasonal and delicious farm-based fair.  She is a Certified Herbalist and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She has helped run  Common Harvest, a CSA in Victoria, BC, and was produce manager at Share Organics in Victoria B.C. for 3 years.  In her past lives she has been a musician, dancer, community organizer, and goat herder.

Her aspirations include growing and producing 90 % of the food her family consumes, creating a permaculture food forest and nourishing lunch program at her son’s school, weaving more baskets, working as a herbalist and nutritionist  in an accessible community-based integrated medicine clinic, going on  wildcrafting/food gathering trips, and hosting locavore Sunday breakfasts and secret dinners at the farm.

About Peter

Peter is a man with many hats. Since 2003 he has been (learning in the process of) developing the farm, property and infrastructure.  He now spends much of his time building wooden human habitat. His other areas of focus on the farm include management of the edibles nursery, ongoing development of the orchard and animal systems, running the sawmill and firewood scene and increasingly forging sturdy garden tools.  He has a background in academia (a degree in anthropology and environmental studies), visual arts and technical outdoor education. Peter taught small groups of children and adults how to do things like climbing and paddling at Strathcona Park Lodge for a number of years. He is looking forward to having more time to spend not building houses and focusing on other things, both big and small:  the development of the wholistic farm skills education program  and just making small crafty things with his hands.




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